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Adult Realistic Solid Sex D oll Opened Mouth Small Breast – Fern 140cm


Product Description

The realistic solid sex doll is built with only one thing in mind, your maximum enjoyment. Very life like, the doll has a very realistic skin made of a material very pleasant to touch. You can choose from a wide selection of realistic solid sex dolls the one that better fits your preferences. Being around a solid sex doll is a very realistic and intense experience, because their size is similar to real life women.

Here are some factors that will influence the choice you make:

Price versus quality

They come in different prices even with the same specifications. Brand and the type of fabric used should help you make a right choice.

Outlook and service

The appearance of a real sex doll will determine the attraction while the features will affect the nature of service you get. Comparison between the dolls will be of help in this.


Some sex dolls will perform additional tasks other than the primary sexual pleasures. If you can get quality, sex dolls, with add-ons at an affordable price, the better for you.

Material: Silicone
Weight : 22.5kg
Height : 140cm
Hole : Vagina and anus sex ,oral sex
Feet length: 20.2cm
Vagina depth: 17cm ,Anal depth: 16cm, Oral depth: 15cm( giving and taking)


After purchasing the sex dolls, most of them will have a warranty. However, it will require some maintenance tips to have a durable real sex doll. While most are available in the manual, some of the crucial tips miss.

Temperatures fluctuations

Most real sex dolls have thermo-elastic fabric materials that can tolerate only the extremes of body temperatures. Any temperatures below 100C and above 420C will affect the love doll. For the TPE sex dolls, there is possible high temperature aging.

Cleaning tips

Dolls will always require occasional washing and there is some trick. The fabrics are soft but firm to give the human-touch feeling and you should maintain this after washing. The first trick is to prevent dust accumulation by storing the real sex doll in an impermeable bag. Mild detergents are the most suitable or the custom-made doll cleaners.

Note: Do not use any machines on the doll, including use of dryers, as it will deteriorate the quality of the fabric.

Servicing and repair

For real sex dolls with body organs, they will require occasional servicing in the moving organs. There are special kits with repair tools for basic maintenance. However, the lit has some limit in the nature of repairs and/or servicing of the dolls. With this simple maintenance tips, your love doll will have a longer span of quality service.


All gadgets require protection from damages from all possible causes of damage. Contact with sharp ends and direct sunlight has detrimental effects on the sex dolls. Most of them have a cool dry storage recommendation, which is also important in maintaining quality.

You should also protect the doll from the effects of friction forces. Lubrication fluids are available to add to the movable regions, which eliminates this problem. In addition, you can protect the real sex doll from loss of shape by switching it off immediately after use.

Wrap up

For quality services from the real sex dolls, maintenance should be part of the occasional schedules. For maintenance of the human-like fabric, proper handling is mandatory. All these tips will promote the durability of the sex doll as you enjoy an all-time perfect service.


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