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Adult Dolls Japanese Sex Dolls – Venessa 140cm

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Product Description

Japanese Sex dolls are an essential part of overall sexual health for both men and women. Buying a real sex doll is no longer a wrong thing, it will add up to your overall body and psychological fitness. Many types and varieties of dolls are available, with a variety of body organs and specifications. There are online stores for sex dolls, where you can choose the one that suits you.

Here are some factors that will influence the choice you make:

Price versus quality

They come in different prices even with the same specifications. Brand and the type of fabric used should help you make a right choice.

Outlook and service

The appearance of a real sex doll will determine the attraction while the features will affect the nature of service you get. Comparison between the dolls will be of help in this.


Some sex dolls will perform additional tasks other than the primary sexual pleasures. If you can get quality, sex dolls, with add-ons at an affordable price, the better for you.


Material: Silicone
Weight: 23KG
Bidet lenght(heel to the neck):123.5cm
Waist circumference:51cm
Hip circumference:74cm
WaBust: 72.5cm
Lower body(Pussy to foot):69.5cm
Leg length:62.5cm
Arm length:52cm
Foot length:20.2cm
Oral depth : 15 cm
Vagianl : 17 cm
Anal depth: 16 cm



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