One of the significant advantages of having realistic sex dolls is that you are able to make love to an anime character – something which is not possible in actual life or even with the other types of dolls. The non-realistic form of these Realistic sex dolls makes them attractive since they are not trying to behave like a human being – something which actually turns some individuals off to these dolls.


The majority of realistic sex dolls are manufactured from latex, rubber, or silicone. Some are now produced from a material of higher quality known as Cyberskin, which feels almost like genuine skin. Those which are of lower quality usually have quite low weight limitations, which imply that putting excessive weight on top of these dolls can actually cause them to burst, break, or even leak. In case you wish to use these Japanese sex dolls frequently or would like to keep them around for several years, try to come across a Cyberskin doll which features reinforced seams.

You will be able to find sex dolls with a lot of different features, both useful as well as cosmetic. One of the most noticeable things about these dolls is their wild hair color. Since these are made in the form of Japanese anime characters, the most typical hair colors happen to be odd ones, like pink, purple, and blue. You may also find black-haired and blonde realistic sex dolls. Furthermore, the size of the breasts in these dolls varies considerably, as well. Depending on your personal preferences it is possible to find a sex doll with abnormally large breasts or one which is almost flat-chested.

Once you have played with the sex doll, it is vital to clean it properly. Every hole in the doll which was used must be cleaned thoroughly using an antibacterial toy cleaner or soap and water to ensure that every cranny, nook, and folds are clean. It is also imperative to clean the bodily fluids from the doll to make sure that no bacteria can start growing. It is very easy to store these realistic sex dolls – just place the doll back in its box after deflating it. In case you don’t like to deflate it, you can easily store it underneath your bed or in a closet.